How much can you eat?

Last night i went to my aunt house to celebrate my grandfather's birthday . My family plan to pot luck ( suppose to Japanese buffet =[ ) . Haha but everybody brought so much food ( i was think how are we gonna finish it? ) . But after 1 .... 2.... 3.... 4 hours finally everything on table was finish ... Haha we cousin play cards BLUFF , Poker ( that didn't work out ) and another game call fishing( wierd name huh? ) ... i didn't won anything =[ .... then later we watch X-MEN:last stand.... the show damm lame !!!

PICTURESmy mama and me arranging sushi !haha i did this ^^

Chicken !!! i slept at 4 that night again... I need to get more sleep


Another Day Out

Another Typical Day Out
Early morning the church visited the Refuges.... It was the 2nd time going there but when i reach there seeing the children i almost cried =[ . We had fun with the kids over there we saw a very small kid ( cute gile ^^) he so small that gave him a very hard time just holding his present( i help him hold^^) . We had lunch with them , we sang songs with them we joke with them and more. I was so touch i hope 1 day i could follow uncle welfred ( if tht the name) go to their camp site... =]

Later , me , ryota , jonathan , ivan , hanrick , wai kin and nick went to time square to lepak and watch movie again. I ate lunch with ivan , hanrick and nick... On the way to ten floor IVAN AND HANRICK SUPER GAYAT PHOBIA ... haha damm funny especially IVAN haha next when i see him i sure laugh !!!!!!!!! Ish~ i hate AVP 2 super sick !!!!!!!!! Screw you wai kin make me watch this kind of show :S ... After that we camwhore around time square ( gay ? ).

That night i didn't go back house AGAIN . I slept over in wai kin house AGAIN . His house had a small gathering we ate,we talk,we play guitar and we cam whore again. haha... we are such asses. Later in middle night we had a little problem(secret) haha ... but then i and tata watch high school musical and we sang along !!!! ( it was like 4 in the morning) haha... after all the madness 7 of us squeeze into wai kin's room ... even tough it was so sempit but we slept like PIGS !!!

haha guess wat im getting married ^^ (joking)
haha 5 crazy guys behind the Christmas TREE

After all that i felt like a real stray because i only stayed in my house for only 10 times the whole december. Plus the new year i won't be at my home again. T.T
im so sad and feeling so guilty


Highlights for the past 3 days


Singapore's Clinic- I had a stomach ache so i went to a clinic that my aunt insisted me to go... went i was holding my stomach and enduring my pain (Still pain) I looked up i saw an old woman with a missing middle toe . I quickly turn to my right . But i saw and woman with long hand hair ( is like a new head growing out of her hand) . Singapore Clinic SCARY!

Wai Kin SleepOver- After the 8 pm meeting that night i went to stayed over in wai kin's place with ryota ( chili padi boy). We ate our dinner at mc donald at 12am(super swt). Then we chatted for a very very very very long time(like Girls). We slept at 4 in the morning i think.

1U Lepak Time- I went to 1u with bunch of church people ryota, wai kin , marcia , hanrick ,nicole kow , kate ng , samantha , eirena , denise , elaine , melissa ( that ask me to carry a paper bag tht is so heavy) , Felix. We watch HBK that totaly suck but yet funny. Haha . I , hanrick , Kate , Melissa , Nicole kow and samantha ran off from sushi groove super mean but of course havent order =[ (felt bad .....NOT) .

THE PAST 3 DAYS HAS BEEN SUPER CHUNTED AND TIRING . ( Feel So Sleepy Now) . I'm So HYPE for the refuges of mymar today. You Know Why cause SHOU YI IS COMING!!!! ;P


Singapore Day 1

7 am woke up , took my bath got rushed by my parents to my cousin house . After we all met up, we went ahead to the bus station (First Coach)... the bus ride took 5 long & cold(pratically froze to death) hours... then me and my cousin got stuck at the custom (forgot the WHITE CARD). Haha we reach there about like 3 45 . We spent 1 hour cycling around east coast... its has a beautiful sencenery (like those kind of korean drama) but there was alot of ppl ( POTONG STEAM) after that we found out that my uncle owns the tenats over there... i was like WHAT THE ??!! We had our dinner at one restaurant near EAST COAST ... My uncle order so much !!!! ( x boleh habis) T.T .... Then we head down to ORCHARD ROAD ... it was like crowded woth people.... Haha ... then i finally met up one of my old buddies PAUL ... It was mega cool meeting up with him .... haha it brings back alot of memories !!! Wish the other friends were here too !!!ish~ too bad....TOPMAN and GAP is super cheap here compare to malaysia T.T (Girls Are Meant to be here) ....Yan Shan(my cousin) she brought us to one shop called NYDC wow is like super chunted man the drinks!!!! LEMONaDE SHIVER!!!! is about like rm 18 per cup ..... after near 11 we took the MRT back.... the stations name was like well just wierd( am mo kiang , chou chu kang and etc.) The trains are way faster though .... so mayb LRT should name the stations with more weird names ( ok lame) .... hahaha.... my aunt is like super kind they waited for us and fetched us back to their house... we ate crab for supper = = .... ya we did !!! i post the picture once i reached KL... alrite peace out guys!!!


Rushing For Presents !

This year Christmas didn't really expect people to give me any present. So I didn't prepare any present at all. Sad Case. I rushed everything in a day. I was stucked when I was about to presents for the girls . I didn't know what to buy (I'm Noob in gifts). Necklace , Rings , Earings and etc. (totally out of the budget) . Then mom say girls like candles , no offense girls in my heart was like ( WHAT THE ?!!!) . So i bought a bunch of it. Well i'm not gonna tell what the other present are (cause later potong steam) . I like super panic when it comes to packaging after like don't how many attempts I finally finished it ( took me a whole night okay ? ). Give me a break !!!

It's just a few more hours is gonna be Jesus punye birthday. I'm like so mega disappointed because i can't go for countdown with my friends ( leaving to singapore tomorow) . Ish ~ . But i don't wanna be spoiler so...



Narrowstreet VS Camp

Eiks ! I opened a blog again.
I don't want this blog to die so soon.

Alright. NarrowStreet VS Camp!

Whoever say that church camp was boring?

Before Camp, I was super shock that I found out that I was a team leader. Seriously, I thought JANG made a mistake or something . Haha I msg him so many times to check . I thought he play a prank or something ( PS JANG can be very evil ) . I packed my luggage at 1 in morning because I totally forgot about the camp wakakaka. I was so bloody panic I went there without slippers( the camp was at PD) , pen and some other stuff.

my team
- 'Zhu Qiok' initially suppose to be ' Peg-Leg'
co leader
- Kate Ng ^^ thank you !
- Dylan (cakap Banyak)
-Eylss ( Big Sis)
-Federick ( Complain je tau)
-Bryan ( Panic King)
-Sasha (Nicole punye sis)
-Wai Sheng(Nakal Gile)
-Tsan( Sporting)
-Debbie(Lucky Star)
-May Threen ( Helper)
Thanks Alot!
New Peng You
-Yi Shaun( Budak Gay) sorri Nicole !
-Ron ( Chunted Man)
-Love God Alot Gile
-Bond With Friends
-Ryota Tido xboleh bangun
-If your Room no. is D2-5 means got party
-Mesti Slumber
-Jonathan N' me Sama jenis SLUMBER KING
-Slumber people Pakat with Slumber people Brings Results
-Hanrick Goes High when he is sleepy
-15 minitues can tahan me for 2 days !
-Sand makes a great bed
-If want find hidden treasure must have lucky star ( Debbie Lim^^)
-Camwhore level-up
-Debbie Woo Is BIG BULLY !!
GAMBAR ( some maybe abit gay for you all to handle)
Cross of christ BONDS USBudak gile from D2-5Posing Gile!